20 April 2006

WIP's In The Pipeline

Hello again. I hope you had a good Easter break, mind you I'm not glad to be back at work. So far I've had a rubbish week, and I wasn't going to post because I was so fed up today, but then I thought "why should those 'barstools' at work affect my home/personal time?" Anyway, I decided to give them the old 'Two Finger Salute' then I blew a few raspberries into the air (well it was the back garden actually - I hope the neighbours weren't watching - you can just imagine them looking at some mad old twonk of a woman, flailing two fingers wildly into space and making bottom burp noises!!) and logged on to my trusty PC!

So, as promised in my last post here are some shots (and I apologise for the bad quality as before - I've got to get a new camera!) of some WIPs. The first photo is the WIP that I mentioned a couple of posts ago, yes, this was the reason for my goldfish-induced daydreamings. It's by Mirabilia and it's called 'Mermaid of the Pearls'

I'm stitching it on 14 Count green/grey Aida using DMC threads. The chart also requires Mill Hill beads and Mill Hill Treasures. I've committed the cardinal sin of stitching on the beads before finishing the bulk of the stitching, but I was so excited to see what the fin part of the design would look like with the beads on, I couldn't wait! I'll probably regret it when stitching the other half of the design, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I'm using Madeira Glissengloss Rainbow metallic thread instead of the recommended Kreinik threads, as I've found Madeira is softer and easier to use, but I don't think it matters which brand you use, you still get the age old problem of getting the tension even and the slippy texture.

The next piece I'm working on is for my Big Sister's Birthday in July, entitled 'Knotwork Garden' designed by Mary Hickmott of New Stitches Magazine

It's on 18 count white Aida, using Anchor threads and Madeira Gold metallic thread. It is small enough for me to take in my bag to work, so I'm grabbing a few stitches in my dinner hour every day. Despite the poor picture, you can see that it's quite sparkly due to the gold edging around the green. I will keep you posted about how both of these are coming along.

I hope you're week is going better than mine - Roll on Friday at 5pm!

Take Care :)


vEr0n!c@ said...

Your mermaid is coming along great! And the Knotwork Garden looks like an interesting piece. Can't wait to see how it looks like when finished.

Lili said...

The mermaid shure explains the absent mind! Though I personally prefer the second project!
Give your lovely cat a hug for me, and here's one for you!
Take care!