05 July 2007


The good news is that Fudge is fine, albeit a bit shook up by the experience.

I took him to the vet and she had a good prod and poke (Fudge by the way is a darling when he visits the vet - he does nothing but purr and be all cute - it's probably why everyone at my veterinary surgery loves him) this morning and the vet gave him something to induce vomiting. The end result was that he threw up 5 massive sharp blades of grass - they were huge! The vet said that they were of the grass family, but how on earth he swallowed them whole is beyond me. They got stuck in his food pipe, and the trouble with this type of grass is that it has tiny hairs which makes it incredibly sticky. This is why they got stuck in his food pipe in the first place.

The vet also said that there is undoubtedly some cuts and lacerations down there, so she gave him a shot of antibiotic and told me to keep him in today. So far it's looking very promising. He's been his usual lovable self, i.e., rubbing my face whenever he gets high enough, meowing for England, Scotland and Wales when I made myself a chicken salad sandwich this afternoon. This compared to the lifeless puss that graced my vision this morning, is great progress. I also gave him some cat food (Felix) and he ate quite a bit of it. He's currently curled up on the sofa, with his favourite blanket. So it looks like he'll be OK - PHEW, but it's been exhausting. Thank you so much for your well wishes ( you know who you are!) - they have kept me going today. You're such great friends. I will get round to reading everyone's blogs, but I'm going to turn in now, as I feel as though I've run a marathon! xxxx

Feeling Down......

Hey all, just a quick post to say I'm still here. Sorry I've not been around for a while - I will be catching up with all your blogs tonight. I've been off on leave this week - it's been good to recharge my batteries. I went training last night and have acquired some more fierce-looking bruises, but they don't hurt so I must be toughening up! :)

I've also been busy redecorating my little office to make it more me, hence the reason I've not been around. I packed away my PC in case I got paint on it! Thank you for all your comments on my previous post. I don't feel so wimpish now, so thank you all so much for your encouragement.

On another note, I'm very worried about my furbaby. He's off his food and is currently curled up next to the radiator, underneath my bed. He was sick this morning and I'm not quite sure what's wrong with him. I'm giving him until 10am this morning and if he's not improved by then, I'll be taking him to the vet. It's very easy to think negative things, but I'm trying to be positive. I've been feeling a bit down of late, now this has happened I keep thinking to myself "what else is going to be thrown at me?" But you can't help but worry when your little ray of sunshine is not so sunny.

I'll post later on to let you know how he's doing. Thanks for listening to me xxx