21 January 2007

Just when I thought it was safe....

....to even think that the New Year was getting off to a splendid start, it didn't. Three days into the New Year and I get a call at work on my mobile...it's my Mum.

"Hello Heid, now don't be alarmed, but I'm at home and I've called for an ambulance". The coffee cup I was drinking from landed with a crash on my desk, breaking clean in two, its contents flooding my keyboard. "Oh my God Mum, what's happened?" After finishing the call it was all hands to the pump - my new Boss gave me a lift home, bless her.

It turned out that she was bleeding heavily - when I got home I found her in the bathroom, sitting on the loo, still with cordless phone in hand, looking very pale and gaunt. The ambulance arrived and we were rushed to A&E, then the Gynaegology unit of the Queen's Medical Centre, where she was admitted - she hates hospitals at the best of times, but a two-night stay didn't go down well at all. Her womb is the problem - it's been prolapsed for quite a number of years and was not a problem until now. There's a trip back to hospital on Thursday (25th) to find out what exactly happened and what can be done, but as you can imagine, Ma isn't looking forward to it one bit. I'm going with her because not only does she hate hospitals with a passion, but if I'm not there she won't ask the right questions. She'll just take whatever the Doctor says to her.

That's why I've not been on here just lately. I've also changed bosses at work - I'm now PA/Administrator to the new Director of European Programmes so it's a whole new ball game, but thankfully my new boss is lovely. My last boss was male - and was also a lovely kind boss, but my new boss is even nicer. Thank heavens for lovely bosses! I've been getting into work early and coming home after 6pm, and when I've come home and whizzed up something quick to eat, afterwards I've been looking after Mum, so it's all been a bit frantic of late. My stitching is severely lacking on the 'Phoenix' front too, which at some point I will rectify, but it's on the back burner for the time being. Anyway enough about me - I hope you're all doing ok - I've missed you, but huge apologies in advance if you don't see me on here quite as much for the next couple of weeks. I'll be back on track soon! xxx

01 January 2007

HELLO 2007!


Yes hello 2007 (TOUCHDOWN!!) and goodbye horrible nasty 2006. To say I'm happy to see the back of it is an understatement!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas - I certainly did. I got loads of presents, most of it being books and more books - I'm a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy - most of the books you see here are fantasy novels.......

Plus a few Calendars...you'd never guess I love cats would you? hee hee.....

The rest of my presents were made up of DVD's - I got 'The Chronicles of Narnia' four disc extended edition, 'Pirate's of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest', 'X-Men: The Last Stand' and 'Firefly' the complete series (which I've been meaning to get, as Husband took the copy we had), so I've done very well this year!

I bought a game called 'Apples to Apples' a couple of days before Christmas, thinking it wouldn't be much good, but how wrong I was - it's a fantastic game and a good purchase, as it had us all in bits with laughter on Boxing Day. Along with playing 'UNO' we were laughed out by the end of it all! Fudge liked the box very much. Fudge is a very big cat and he thought it a very good idea to try and cram himself into the lid of the 'Apples to Apples' game......

And didn't do a very good job! Awww....what a cutie!

I didn't do too bad staying in by myself last night - I had my DVD's to watch, Fudge to cuddle and Ma to keep me company. My best mate invited me over to her house for a huge gathering with all our other mutual friends (which is something me and DH always did at New Year) - I knew that DH was going to be there - I couldn't face it. I felt it contradictory to try and be happy and bright and say in a cheery voice 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' when I didn't feel happy in the slightest. And DH insists on calling me 'mate' whenever he sees me which I can't stand. 'Hello mate, how you doing?' He has said that on more than one occasion and it irritates me to distraction. 'NO! I'm not your 'mate', I'm your Wife, or have you bloody forgotten that fact already?!?'

Anyway - it's now 2007 and I feel deep in my bones that this is going to be a good year for me - if not, I'm going to have a bloody good time finding out! I hope each and every one of you have a very, very Happy New Year - and thanks to each and every one of you for reading my blog. You have all been so good to me and I feel like I've known you all for many years, especially 'Singular Stitches', 'CatandTurtle', 'Ali B', 'Stitcherw', 'Rowyn', 'Lili', 'BlissXStitches', 'Leila', 'Rowyn', 'Juanita' , 'Sue' and 'Carol' - THANK YOU all so much for your kind words, your friendship and for making this blog worthwhile. If I can be of help to any of you, you just let me know. My only resolution for 2007 is to blog more regularly, to leave comments on your blogs and actually put some more stitching on here

Take care everybody, and thanks again! xx