13 April 2006

Off Topic!

Yes...it is terribly off topic (and I won't make a habit of it), but here's a cutie that wants to say "Hello"......

This is my pride and joy and my little ray of sunshine...my 7 year old cat, Fudge. He was rescued by my Brother-in-Law from a couple of street peddlers who were threatening to drown him because they couldn't sell him. He'd overheard them saying this and to put it politely, he asked them to hand him over, no he wasn't going to give them payment and if they didn't disappear he'd have something to say about it. I wouldn't want to bump into him down a dark alley at the best of times, but if you can imagine a 'Hell's Angel' biker holding a kitten, you can see why the two horrors decided to scarper!

Fudge fitted into the palm of my hand when B-I-L and Sis brought him over to me. The poor thing, he was riddled with fleas, malnourished and half deaf because of the ear mites that had infected both of his ears. The next day I registered him with the local Vet and got him checked over. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur as well, probably due to the lack of nutrition. We cured his fleas and ear mite problem, but the Vet prepared me for the worst....that he probably wouldn't live until after the age of 4...but as you can see, someone out there is surely smiling on him. His condition doesn't stop him climbing trees in the orchard directly opposite my house!

So there you have it. Normal transmissions will resume!


Lili said...

Please, please, please! Don't stop posting about your cute cat! I'm a cat lady myself, and I have two (Phoebe and Luna) that were rescued from the street as well; although I didn't have to fight any awful human to save them... Phoebe was real famish and more than thin, part of her ear missing, she's not very pretty, etc... but she's the most cuddling and clever cat I have ever met. Luna is the most stupid cat I have ever met, but she's such a cutie... and loves cuddling too... So keep posting about your cat, and if people don't feel like reading about her, they just needn't read, that's it!
Lots of hugs to your beloved Fudge!

Lelia said...

Fudge is a cutie pie : ) Cat Pics allowed on ALL BLOGS for sure. What a dynamo cat. And such a beginning -- nice of your BIL to rescue this beauty from the street people. Honestly, some folks would do anything for a coin.

Actually, all my pets were 'unwanted' in many ways. We took them all in & I get carried away trying to keep their fur off the floor. Shedding season is the pitts.

Singular Stitches said...

Fudge is absolutely adorable!!! What a story with a happy ending, and he looks like he's well adjusted to being a pampered kitty! (I love the look on his face - yes, I was meant to be spoiled)