28 April 2006

'Need a Hand?'

Awww - isn't he cute?! Even if I do say so myself, my gorgeous bundle of fur sure knows how to pose for the camera!

My elder sister came round to visit last weekend (the same sis that rescued Fudge puss, along with my Bro-in-Law), as B-I-L was working till all hours, so F came round to have a natter. She is also a cross stitcher, in fact she is the reason why I'm stitching today! Anyway she is working on a design by Amathusia Needle craft Designs - (this one is particular is called 'February Amethyst') and decided to bring it along last weekend. We were chatting happily (i.e., putting the world to rights!) whilst working on our respective stitching projects.

Then out of the blue, up popped Fudge on the table, which had F's chart and assorted threads spread all over it, and got comfy on said chart whilst purring like a Harley Davidson. Then he started to stare intently at the threads and everything else that was going on. F then got her mobile phone out and said 'I have got to take a photo of this!'. Then later when she got home she sent it over to me. And the end result is this rather adorable looking photie!

Fudge keeps me company whenever I'm stitching and purrs his approval whenever I take a break and show him what I'm doing (it's silly I know, but I talk to my puddy cat!).

Thanks for dropping by - have a good weekend :)))


Lili said...

That's the wonder/miracle with cats! I have a dog, two cats and two gerbils. Undeniably, cats are the best companions you can have -except for humans, depending on which ones... lol!
Your knotwork garden looks celtic! Seems that you like Celtic projects! Am I wrong?
Enjoy your week end!

Heather said...

My Cheeky sits on my lap at night and gets quite stroppy if I stitch something too big. She even lets me rest the chart on her!!!

Heather said...

Oh and now I can't find the link to Ali B's blog :(

Heather said...

Hi thanks for Ali's details. It showed up again in my blogrolling sidebar (typical).

Rascal used to be the one to go in strange places when he was a kitten, but he was put out when my Daughter came along and doesn't do any of those strange things like sleep in the laundry basket under the washing.

Lelia said...

Fudge is such a cutie pie. The cats in our household dote on Alex (youngest) and Tori (oldest) when they are home.

If I'm stitching, they seem to lurk close by.

Singular Stitches said...

It's not silly! I talk to my puddies all the time! They even talk back!

Fudge is absolutely adorable!!!