24 December 2006

Happy Holidays!

Hey everybody. It's been a while but I'm finally here. Thank you for your patience - I've been so busy my feet haven't touched the ground!

I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. I wasn't going to celebrate it myself, but then I thought, darn it, why should I let what's happened get in the way of my festive spirit?! I'm going to my Sis and Bro-in-Laws tomorrow to join in the fun and games (there'll be about 8 of us, including my middle Sis and BIL) and no doubt we'll be playing the card game 'UNO' until the early hours. We did that last year (when Xmas Day was at my house), but it increasingly becomes a game of skill once you've had a few 'festive fizzy pops' shall we say. Then for Boxing Day, I've decided to host the dinner and drink marathon. I'm going to be busy - and a bit sad - but I'm looking at the next couple of days with the view that they are just what a are - a couple of days. I've got through the worst of it so far, tomorrow and Tuesday shouldn't make any difference. It's been really nice actually, as I've received so many pats on the back - and people heartily saying 'good for you hun!' - It's made me all the more determined to enjoy myself.

It's also been a bit awkward, as I haven't received as many cards as I did last year, but hey, if people want to be like that, then fine - I can do without them. I sent all my cards as usual without ever thinking whether I should be doing or not. It just goes to show how surprising it can be when you think you've known someone for years, then when you mention 'separation', it all changes. Yes I'm separated, I've not got the flu virus!!! Ah who cares about them anyway? I instantly look at the following to cheer me up.......

Yes this is my bedside cabinet/table - with my lovely little buzzy bee picture and card from Ann, and my other lovely handmade cards from Lynn. I look at that little lot and always forget my troubles.

Well, I've even managed to fit in some stitching along the way......

Yes, even though I do say so myself, I'm rather chuffed with how 'Phoenix' is turning out at the moment - Lugana is always a joy to stitch - and this is no different, especially with the sparkles going through it. I'm looking forward to doing some more this week as I've got the whole week off - oooh bliss - non stop stitching, hurrah!!!

Well I shall sign off here. A very Merry Christmas to you and your families and I hope Santa brings you lots of lovely pressies, especially loads and loads of stitching goodies (I've got everything crossed to make sure that I do!). Oh, almost forgot - message for Stitcherw - thanks for 'tagging' me and I will definitely see to doing it after the next couple of days - PROMISE! x