06 April 2006

Oh dear!

I started a new cross stitch piece a few weeks ago, which usually means that I can't think of anything else. Sure enough, I'm suffering from 'I'd rather stay at home stitching than go to work' Syndrome.

The other day, a work colleague was talking to me, whilst I reciprocated with my best goldfish impression. Yes, I've been reliably assured that I was (and I quote) 'as vacant as a toilet door' for a good 60 seconds or so. But why think of financial year end procedures, when you can spend your working hours thinking about which thread colour you are going to start using next?! I know it's really sad to get excited about seeing a brand new colour appear on your fabric, but I can't help it. Anyway, when I apologised and explained why my goldfish impression was so good, to say that my colleague looked bemused was an understatement. You could actually see that her face was saying 'she really should get out more'. But non-believers (or should I say non-stitchers) will never understand. Can anyone else relate to that feeling?


Lili said...

I undeniably relate to this feeling! Which explains the fact that my friends are cross stitchers as well... United by a same hobby! How great! Blogging is perfect for this too, and the stitching bloggers' world is so friendly! So welcome! And I hope to see your projects soon!
Take care!

Ali B said...

Hello Carto - Welcome to the Blogging World of Cross-Stitch :-) ahh now I really identify with your sentiments about failing to understand why ANYONE could find crafting anything other than FAB! GREAT! EXCITING! MESMERISING! Hey don't knock those financial year end procedures (its only coz my DH is an accountant, but rather untypical to yer average Excel/Sage-Head) as he is nutty, funny and even likes my XS project when I go "hey, how d'yer like this then" (arm twisted behind back of course). Ali xx

BlissxStitches said...

It's not called an addiction for nothing! Enjoy the enthusiasm while it lasts. Often towards the end of a big project this diminishes somewhat.
Bliss (Australia)