05 November 2007

Cat 'Wake-Up' Call

I just had to post this after receiving this from a friend of mine. Ah...this is so true..the joys of cat ownership! lol

01 November 2007

I'm the Queen of Frogs

Hey all. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and kind words, they have cheered me up and they keep me going. Bless all of you.

Well, I'm pretty much the same depression wise, but now I'm off sick, not with the depression, but a kidney infection that started out as Cystitis. I've been in agony for the last two weeks, what with passing water and now the dull ache in my lower back. I'm on antibiotics at the moment and Doc has told me to drink plenty of fluids, which I am doing, but the bathroom has become my second home!

Here are some pictures of my stitching. I've not done any since falling ill with the waterworks. It was only when I took a photograph of my sampler that I realised I am the all-time 'Queen of Frogs'. On the fourth line down, I've successfully managed to line all the lettering up in the wrong place, hence all the lettering you see will have to be unpicked - aarrrgh!!! Oh well, I suppose it will keep me busy. Mum says that I'm a 'glutton for punishment' and that it would send her 'completely doo-lally'! Maybe it will - I'll no doubt find out when I get around to it.

With regard to 'Cat Knot', it's steadily coming along. It might not look like much but I think I'm getting there slowly but surely.

That's it for now. I shall be doing my rounds to all of your blogs over the next week or so - and thanks again everyone for being there, it's comforting to know I have friends that care.

Lots of love xxxx