27 June 2006

Today's Word on Sesame Street is 'Jinxed' !!!

Houston, we have a problem :( Yesterday evening I tried to upload my holiday photos onto the PC and unfortunately, it looks as though the USB connection on the docking station that came with the camera is faulty - AAARRRGH!! In normal circumstances I wouldn't think much of it, but because of what's happened, I really think that somebody somewhere doesn't like me! I don't know how long this temporary setback will last, so I'm really sorry if you were looking forward to my pics.

It will be no doubt a series of emails to amazon.co.uk, as I bought the camera from their site - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be for too long. I've been an amazon UK customer for years and they've always been 'on the ball' in the past if ever I've had to return something faulty or damaged.

I've not made much progress on my 'Knotwork Garden'. I was in the middle of doing more work on it the night Husband decided to tell me his dreaded news. Since then, every time I try and pick it up it brings back the awful memory and as a consequence, I become a wet, soggy mass of paper tissues, so I'm focusing my attention on my 'Mermaid' for the time being. It's a good job I decided to buy some additional presents for my Sister's Birthday, or she would have ended up with nothing on 22 July.

I will keep you posted on progress - hopefully the situation will be resolved quickly so I can then show you my lovely photos.

I'm trying to keep everything in perspective. Every time I feel like holding a Pity Party for myself, I think of what I have and how lucky I am:

1. I have a wonderful family supporting me
2. I have solid friends
3. I have a roof over my head and food to eat
4. I have a great job, with supportive and understanding work colleagues
5. I have my health
6. I have my wonderful puss cat :)
7. I have the love and support of my fellow Bloggers (thank you x)
8. I have an ample supply of Chocolate!

My Mum really put things into perspective the other day when she found me in tears - and she said (imagine a strong Irish accent): "If you think you have problems, think of all the other people in the world who haven't got what you have" She absolutely right, bless her heart. I shouldn't be so selfish!

Until next time, love and light to you all.

Carto x x x :)


Heather said...

You will bounce back, it took me a while, adjusting to everyday life without him here was pretty easy, seeing as he was hardly ever here anyway.
Your mind will change how your daily routine once was, to something it needs to be for you.
If you need to chat, feel free to email me and vent to your hearts content.

natty68 said...

Carto, with regards to uploading your photos, have you thought about getting a usb card reader for the memory card in your camera.? I have one for my card and its invaluable, especially when I lost the usb cable to my camera. It didnt cost a lot either - I think it was only about £15.00 from a photo and camera shop.


Lili said...

Carto, your pain is perfectly understandable, and so is your mother's reaction. She's trying to cheer you up the best she can, and -like my mother- she thinks it's not the right thing to go in your sense, she thinks you need a little shaking. That's common sense!
Now, your "marital" life needs a bereavement, and it's normal to cry out of pain/anger/revolt/misunderstanding...
In case, here's my mail: nlanduyt@cegetel.net
I have a good "ear".
Take care of yourself!

Singular Stitches said...

Mums are wonderful creatures, aren't they? :o)

(Kitty hugs are pretty good, too!)

Stitch said...

Hi Carto! Thanks so much for coming over and visiting my blog! Hope to see more of you soon! :) As for feeling sorry for yourself, hon it's ok..we all do it. But if it gets too bad....I always remember this quote:

" I had no shoes and I complained; until I met a man with no feet"

Have a great day!

Happy STitchin!!

X Stitch X

Lelia said...

Oh go ahead & have a 'mini' pity party -- Dwell quickly & move along.

What a bummer about your faulty docking station - jinxed for sure.

I'm thinking they are a big company & would want to keep their customers satisfied. Luck to you.

Glan you enjoyed your trip to Ireland. Will look forward to pictures soon