11 June 2006

This is a Month of Heartaches

Hi all

I just wanted you to know that I won't be posting for a little while. I am busy falling apart. On Tuesday 30th May, my Husband told me that he doesn't love me anymore, therefore we are in the middle of a separation. I'm numb and I'm scared...and really still in shock at the moment. The one and only man that I will ever love is leaving me - and I feel like my heart's been ripped out. I'm going to Ireland with my Ma from 14th June to 21st June to get away for a while to try and get my head together. At the moment it is scrambled and I can't think, feel...or do anything at the moment.

I've just read Ali's blog and read her terrible news - my pain pales into insignificance compared to what she must be going through right now, poor sweetheart. It seems to be 'Bad News Month' all round - the world's gone mad.

Anyway, I'll sign off here now. I'll try and post once I get back from Ireland - maybe I'll feel a bit better once I've had a week away. Please keep dropping by though - I've only known you all for such a short space of time, but I feel already that I have made lovely and wonderful friends with you all. Don't forget me.

All my love and hugs
Carto x x x x


Rowyn said...

I hope your stitching (you have some beautiful pieces on your blog) helps see you through the dreadful time you're having. Sending you hugs from down under.

Christine said...

Hi Carto,
I hope you'll feel better soon.
I like very much your blog. You stitched great designs (celtic cross, mermaid of the pearls...) Go on !

Singular Stitches said...

Carto, I'm so sorry to read of your sad news.


Lili said...

Carto, I can't believe what I'm reading! I feel so so much for you, sweetie! Don't let down the blogging world, please: we are here for you!
My DH is the world for me, so I understand how you must be feeling. Though, if you would let me comment, I don't think yours deserves you. You are young and talented, and I'm sure that -with time- things will be better for you. I guess you don't feel like it at the moment, but I wish you a wonderful tender, loving, sincere man for in a couple of years. In between, keep stitching so you can forget, and blogging so you know you're not alone.
AND, yes, this is a bad bad bad month for many bloggers. Let's support each others!
Sending you lots of hugs, Carto! You are missed here.

Heather said...

I'm sending you lots of hugs. I have been there. My husband walked out on me 4 days after my Cousin died, 2 years ago now. He got up to go to work for a 5 hour shift and 12 hours later he still wasn't home. He called late that night to say he needed time to think and of course the rest is history, so to speak.
Although I haven't met anyone else, I hope to one day and I'm sure when the time is right, the same thing will happen for you.