13 February 2007

Blimey, where's January Gone??

Hi All

Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks to every single one of you for your kind comments and good wishes and I'm so sorry for not answering them personally - I will get round to posting on your blogs tonight. Secondly, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm back and I've missed you all terribly.

Ma is doing fine and she's back to her old self. She's still 'not out of the woods' yet, but she's a lot better than she was. We went back to the hospital on 25th January only to discover that she should have been given some medication when she was discharged, but they forgot. Well, I won't tell you exactly what I said because it might offend, but as you can imagine, I was absolutely livid, in fact I was incandescent with rage. Ma said afterwards that I looked quite scary!

Anyway, on a lighter note, I went to see 'The Rocky Horror Show' at the Royal Centre here in Nottingham on 1st Feb, which was an absolute hoot! I've been to see the show over the years a few times, but it was great to sing the songs and do the actions. Then on 2nd February, I celebrated my 36th birthday with my Sis and Bro-in-Law. For my birthday present, they took me to an excellent Japanese restaurant, just on the outskirts of Nottingham centre. They thought it appropriate, being as I'm studying Aikido. Speaking of which, my yellow belt grading is now taking place on Wednesday 28th February at the Dojo. It should have taken place at the end of January but because of what happened, I couldn't make it. I went training last night, and my Sensei quite confidently said 'You'll walk it!' - well if he says I'm good enough, then that's good enough for me!!

Anyway, enough waffling. Thanks to you all again for thinking about me over the last couple of weeks. You all make this blog worthwhile - bless your hearts! I'll be posting as normal from now on, but I'm not saying that too loudly in case something else happens! Bigs hugs xxxx


Anonymous said...

It is nice to see a post from you again. Glad you Mom's doing better.

stitcherw said...

Nice to see you back again. I've never see Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it is on my list for one of these days if only so I know what everyone refers to. Glad your mom is better, and good luck on your Aikido test, it sounds like you should do fine.

Lili said...

I'm glad your mom's doing better! And also very proud of you for this yellow belt to come in aikido. Together with your justified anger when your mother was not given the medication (shame on them!!!), I will soon call you warrior! lol...
Take care, Heidi!

Heidi said...

Good to have you back. I can totally understand what you would have said to those Dr's who 'forgot' to give your Ma her medicine.

Happy belated birthday. How was the Japanese food? Is it anything like chinese?

Paddy said...

Good news about your mum and good to see you posting again...although I can't talk!

Happy Belated Birthday. We're the same age now until April ;)

Singular Stitches said...

I know, I'm not sure where January went, either...

1. I'm so glad to read that your mum is alright!!

2. Happy Belated Birthday!

3. Good luck on the grading!

4. Please give Fudge a little scratch on the head for me!

Lelia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog -- glad you are posting on your site again. PLUS: Happy belated Birthday!