04 June 2009

Hello - I'm back!

Hello all you lovely stitching beauties out there and apologies for being away for so long - it appears that I've been completely lapse in updating my poor neglected blog. One of my New Years Resolutions was to try to update it more than once a year - I can't believe that my last post was 15 April 2008! I shall try to update you from where I left off as best I can without, I hope, boring you rigid *cue wavy flashback visual effect - the one they sometimes use on 'Murder She Wrote* :-)....

Now then...where to begin. Well, 2008 was a very up and down year for me. After much emotional rollercoaster rides and ups and downs, I am now finally divorced, although the house transfer is still going on. Secondly, my Mum went into hospital to to have a hysterectomy in December 2008. It's been a long haul but she's finally getting there - she's doing very well and is getting better 6 months on. The only thing at the moment that's not so good is that my beloved puddy cat Fudge got scared out of his wits (both Mum and me think he's being bullied by another cat) and has been showing signs of stress (no interaction or purring despite cuddles and lots of TLC, and eating very little and not going outside). Three vet appointments, one blood test and two vigourous examinations later, they can find nothing wrong with him, other than the fact that he's stressed or depressed. They gave me some 'Feliway' spray to spray around the house, and for a time there was improvement. He was purring, eating a little bit more, going outside (but not for very long) and he was sitting outside with me, rolling around in the garden, purring like mad and being very contented.

Then the day before yesterday, he was trying to be sick and I assumed he had furballs. It is the time of year for cats to moult and he's been coating like mad - fistfuls of fur in fact, so he's bound to have a furball or two. But the most distressing thing is, he's started to retreat into his listlessness and non-interest in anyone or anything and he's not eating at all (but he is drinking is water as normal). He's not even using his litter tray, which is worrying in itself. Off back to the vet we went again. Again he was prodded and poked, again examined very thoroughly, his temperature was taken - absolutely normal. They prescribed him some 'Katalax' and told me to keep spraying the Feliway around the house. But as you can imagine, I am sick with worry about him and it's so heartbreaking to witness him, lying on his blankie, looking so sorry for himself and sad. I'm trying to keep positive but it's so draining and worrying, trying to act normal, when the one you love seems to have lost the will.

Yes I know, not a very good starting post is it? I'm hoping that Fudge will pull through in time. I'll keep you updated as it happens.

I hope you're all keeping well and sorry again for being away so long. I shall be posting lots of stitching photos soon, so keep looking back :-)

Lots of love to you all,
Carto xxxxxx

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stitcherw said...

So sorry to hear about Fudge. Sounds like you've had an awful lot going on, maybe Fudge is reacting to some of that too. Hopefully his staying in and getting lots of cuddles and love from you helps get him over this. Give him a cuddle for me and I'll keep you all in my thoughts.