14 May 2007

Another Month Flys By....

I can't quite believe just how quickly this year seems to be passing by. It only seems like I was putting the Xmas decs away last week!

Yet again, I've been a very busy bee. I went to a two-day Aikido Seminar towards the end of April that took place at the dojo that I go to here in Nottingham. The instructor was Joe Thambu Sensei, who is of Malaysian descent but lives in Melbourne, Australia. All I can say is...what a guy! He's just over 5'ft tall and weights 58kgs, but here he was, flooring guys who were 6'ft6 weighing 18stone!! It was an awesome event and I learnt oodles and oodles of stuff. I'll post some photos of me in action when I get them, but when exactly that will be I don't know.

I've also been catching up with friends, who I've been neglecting terribly over the last 5 months. One of them thought I'd stopped talking to her - I felt absolutely horrible about that, so I've been putting things right. I've been so wrapped up in my little universe that is Aikido and Badminton, I've lost track of the 'real world. I also have a hang up about going out on my own. Since my marriage breakdown, I've found it really difficult to get back out there and show the world that I'm still here. It seems strange to go out on my own knowing that I've been part of a partnership for so long. It's silly to be like that I know, I'm a grown woman for goodness sake, but I've got a real 'issue' about going out to crowded pubs and bars. I'm finding I like nothing better than to stay in with Fudge on my lap on a Saturday night than going out, dragging myself through the crowds of people and getting smoked to death in crowded bars. If a friend invites me out to dinner in a restaurant, that's different. Hmm...I hope I get over this thing.

I've nearly finished my acorn....

I've only got one leaf to do near the top right of the design and a few of the flowers to stitch, but I reckon I should have it done by the end of this week. I've really enjoyed stiching this design - I shall have to check out 'Cross-Eyed Cricket' again. I've not been so enthusiastic about finishing 'Phoenix' though - I wish I was. It's a design requiring a lot of concentration and my head always seems to feel fuzzy when I look at it - maybe it because I'm thinking of all them fractional stitces that I still have to do! My Sister suggested I started something else, but I don't want to keep doing that - I'll have to look at my WIPs and see if any of them tempt me...hmmm what to do?!

Anyway I've prattled on long enough. I missed you all so much and I shall be commenting on your blogs after I've finished this. Lots of love to you my stitching friends! xxx


stitcherw said...

Welcome back, glad to see you've been stitching and your Aikido event sounds like it was a lot of fun. I've thought before about learning to do something like that, but haven't been brave enough to try.

Your acorn looks lovely, the colors in it are so pretty. I have some of their patterns, mainly the small acorn series that are decorated different ways. As to Phoenix, I'd work on it when it calls to you but go ahead and start a new project when you find one that really jumps out at you. Trying to make yourself work on a project that you really aren't drawn to isn't fun, and stitching should be. Also, I think if you do it to long it can push you into not even really wanting to stitch, which can then take quite a bit to find your stitching bug again afterwards.

If you were to start a new project, any one whether you own it now or not, which pattern really calls out to you "Do Me!! Do Me!!"?

Hang in there, it does get easier to go out on your own, but it takes a while. I've been divorced for quite a number of years, and I'm still not comfortable with going to bars or clubs or such. However, dining out, a movie, etc. by myself I'm comfortable with now. Generally though, I'm like you, I like to stay home, snuggle with my furbabies, watch a movie, and chat on line with my blogger or crossstitch board buddies. With all the stitchers that are on line, you're never alone. :)

Rowyn said...

Acorn is looking gorgeous. Love the colours!

Heidi said...

Your Acorn is coming out great, loving these colours.

Rowyn said...

P.S. You've been tagged... check my blog to see.

Hazel said...

Love your acorn. Hey don't be hard on yourself about wanting to stay in rather than go out to a pub. I hate that too!! The thought of going to a crowded pub horrifies me. There is nothing more satisfying than staying home with your cat and your stitching and with your stitching buds too lol. Perhaps its not as much as an "issue" as you think and just the person you are now - nothing wrong with it I'd say! Seriously though, hope you are okay and all. xx

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your acorn is looking wonderful.


Lizzy said...

Oh, Heidi... I'm so sorry you've been feeling like this... {{{Hugs}}} And you are not silly because you don't want to go out to crowded pubs and bars by yourself... I am the very same way! In fact I don't like to go anywhere at all by myself! ;-) I would much rather stay at home with my furbabies and my stitching and an excellent film or visit my friend's stitching blogs! :-) If you need someone to talk with please email me... I can so relate to what you're going through just now and I am always here if you need me! :-)

Love your acorn... the colours are so pretty... and I'm with Sue... if you don't have a WIP that is screaming your name... then go plundering through your stash or shopping and find a design that you just must stitch right now!!! And start it... and I'm sure you'll find your stitching mojo again! :-)

And thank you so much for your lovely, thoughtful comments and wishes... they mean so much to me, Sweetie!

Lots of Love and {{{Hugs}}}